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Traditionally attracting truly talented and motivated employees that want to work in a dental practice has been very difficult because typically an engaged employee can't come into a dental practice like this and advance him or herself to the point where they are going to increase their salary, increase their job satisfaction, or increase their spirit of freedom very easily.

So often people come to us looking for a job because they feel trapped in their current position and it's almost like they are at the mercy of their employers who often times are either not good business people, not upholding standards of integrity, or are simply standing in the way of advancement.

The reason for that difficulty of advancement is because formal dental education is set up to be difficult, distracting, & confusing and often times gets between you and your goals. Here we've simplified our way through the glass ceiling of progress by offering a clear path for promotion.

We work hard to create an environment that you can feel comfortable in. We operate in the spirit of entrepreneurialism by seeing opportunity in every situation and we want to promote that spirit of entrepreneurialism in our team by offering an incentivized approach to reward employees that take initiative to advance themselves.  This takes a lot of energy and a lot of up-front work on our behalf but we do this because we're looking for one very specific quality in our team members.  And that one specific quality that they demonstrate more than anything else is that they take steps to advance themselves so that they can have the freedom to impact the world in a positive manner. They meet challenges with a sense of positive problem solving and have the ability to make our patients feel taken care of while they are advancing the business in the process.

We've found that the most talented people in the world really have that one thing in common so we wanted to attract and retain these people by providing value for them.  Here at Orlando Lifestyle Dentures & Implants we created two unique career tracks for advancement of our team members:
-Michael Gagaoudakis, DMD
Founder Orlando Lifestyle Dentistry
Dental Technical Career Track
This career track is designed for people that want to learn the technical aspects of dentistry. If you're a dental assistant and maybe your dream is to become a hygienist, a lab technician, or even a dentist we want you to go for it and we're going to support you as you take strides toward that path. 

We've had dental assistants that have worked for us that want to become a dentist one day. They've gone to school after working with us and been so far ahead of the game once they get to dental school that we get instructors who come to us and thank us for preparing them so well for dental school.

We have strategic partnerships in place to help people get where they want to be and we can offer a proven game plan that will make your resume stand out to admissions people.

When you get a job with us, you're not only getting a job, you're getting paid to learn and you're getting a proven game-plan to advancing yourself starting exactly where you're at right now in life. And that's something you can't get anywhere else.
Small Business & Entrepreneurial Career Track
If business is your thing we offer a small business & entrepreneurial career track. If your dream is to one day become a small business owner and build your own dream, we want to encourage that by offering you opportunities to learn ethical & sustainable business strategies, web development, marketing & advertising, incentivizing, and money management.

You can learn business here and gather the tools that are required to run a successful business and we want you to move on to that. We have programs in place where we'll actually prepare people for a small business entrepreneurial foundation and we'll create investments in you to someday even help you open the door to your own start-up.

If you have a great idea that qualifies for a business start-up capital investment, you're polished, and you've done your homework as far as preparing for it and you're not just running into it haphazardly we would be happy to entertain investing in you.
If you are one of these types of people that really wants to advance yourself for the better of the world around you and you want to seek employment with us you are welcomed to apply.  Please contact us at and we'll walk you through the application process.
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