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Dr. Michael Gagaoudakis is one of the most experienced implant dentists in the world. Since 2006, Dr. Mike has successfully replaced over 10,000 teeth with dental implants and dental implant prosthetics. He is one of the few dentists that have both advanced surgical and prosthetic experience.

This offers a unique perspective that just isn't typical because most dentists are either trained just to perform the surgical side of your dental care or just to perform the prosthetic side of your dental care but rarely are they trained and experienced to do both ends of the care. 

So what does that mean for you? It means you don't have to visit multiple doctors at multiple facilities to get your implant treatment done. This saves you time and money and increases the convenience factor for your care.

It also means that you have continuity of care. This continuity insures that the doctor who does your consultation is the same one that places your implant and the same doctor who restores the implant. During the treatment process, it keeps the big-picture thinking of the desired outcome in line with the details of the surgical procedure and gives continuous feedback for development of the most successful protocols. This is how expertise is developed & maintained.

Our facility has access to the latest technology for planning with access to a digital panoramic radiographic unit for a wide view of your head and neck, a digital cephalometric for facial-prosthetic analysis and a CT-scan for even the most advanced cases. We also utilize the newest generation of dental implants and prosthetics that go with them. 

We've successfully raised the bar on the standard of dental care in our area and we're committed to helping our patients. We are also focused on helping the dental community as a whole increase that level of care so that both Orlando's consumers and small healthcare business owners can benefit from providing & receiving sound-quality dental treatment at an affordable price. Dr. Mike has an open-door policy to sole-proprietorship dentists in the community who want to learn our business practices showing them how to implement the highest level of care to their patients.
-Michael Gagaoudakis, DMD
Founder Orlando Lifestyle Dentistry
Advanced Surgical
Planning Technology
For advanced cases, CT scanning and interpretation is advantageous for achieving great results. It's basically like drawing up a blue-print or architectural diagram before building a house. It gives us good diagnostic information as to bone height and width and allows us to utilize every possible consideration when determining the ideal implant positioning outcomes. We have made a major technology investment in an in-office iCAT to bring you convenient 3D scanning. iCAT is the leading 3D-imaging company in the world and we are happy to offer this service in-office to make obtaining advanced imaging a breeze. Dr. Mike uses the 3D-imaging he obtains from the iCAT in conjunction with Tx Studio and Blue-Sky-Plan software. These softwares allow advanced manipulation of CT scans to generate surgical guides, anatomical models, surface offsetting and more. This adds the utmost level of safety to your surgery, decreases operating times, and decreases treatment costs.
Advanced Restorative
Planning Technology
Visualizing the outcome as vividly as possible is an essential step to creating great results. Dr. Mike is trained on Planmecca's Romexis smile-design software, which is a digital smile design solution that aids in planning and visualizing the final outcome of your cosmetic case. It also serves as a communication tool between the doctor and the lab. If you go by the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words," then it would be true that a digital smile design is worth a million dollar smile.
Digital smile designing starts from the records we take the moment you decide to get started on your dental work. We take high-resolution digital images that meld with your radiographs and your models so that we can start planning your case before we begin your treatment.
We used this software to plan all of the cases featured in our patient gallery that you can see here. Take a moment to look at them and see the great results we've provided for our patients then call us to schedule your appointment today.
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