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Premium Quality Dentures, The Process...
The fabrication of a premium quality denture takes into account a process that really brings out the best in your smile. Premium dentures always begin with considering how the cosmetics of your new smile will fit with your face. From the time you first meet with our doctor he'll be evaluating your facial features to help select the right mould of teeth that will help you look your best. Prior to fabrication of a denture our doctor takes the full series of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry photographs that aids in planning of your case. These photos are used to create a Digital Smile Design Analysis so that we can get a beautiful visual of your desired result prior to fabrication of your new teeth. This helps us make a set of denture teeth that you can feel great about.
Premium Quality Dentures, The Materials...
Unlike mass-market dentures that use conventional high-monomer content materials that can cause tissue irritation and allergies our premium quality dentures are processed with low-monomer materials making them kinder and gentler to tissues. Our low monomer nano-composite materials are stronger and look more life-like than the traditional materials that are used to fabricate mass-market dentures.
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New Denture Wearer's Premium Denture Packages From $169/month
Monthly Payments start at $169/month 24 months no interest per arch (upper or lower) based off financing credit approval required by 3rd party financing company. Limited Time Financing Special.
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See The Transformative Effects That 
Premium Dentures Can Make for Your Smile...
(Our Amazingly Beautiful & Transformed Real-Life Patients)
What improvements can we make with Implants?
By now we're sure that you've heard of the advantages that dental implants have over traditional 
non-implant based dentures. But what are the 3 specific improvements that dental implants 
can offer that will help you feel great about making the choice for dental implants?
Implant Improvement #1: Enjoy Smiling More Than With Traditional Dentures
With the use of dental implants, we can make the teeth with a slight natural overlap known as "overbite". This "overbite" is an essential component of the most cosmetic smiles. Too little overbite and your teeth end up looking too big. Too much overbite and your smile ends up looking "gummy."

If you look at the image here, you can see how much better the smile on the right than the smile on the left. The reason for this is the corrected overbite through the use of implants to support the dentures.

Implants allow us to place the teeth in a position that will allow the lips to sit naturally and show an adequate amount of gum tissue on the new teeth.
Implant Improvement #2: Enjoy Your Meals More Than With Traditional Dentures
Stop sacrificing proper nutrition. Stop avoiding the foods you once loved before you wore dentures. Dental implants can help you get back to enjoying the foods you love most.

Dentures without implants provide a chewing ability of 20% what natural teeth provide. This makes it difficult to eat many types of foods that offer proper nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. With traditional dentures that don't use implants it can be difficult to break down vegetables and meats.

Implant Dentures are more secure than traditional dentures so that you can chew significantly better. 

Dental implants can also help us reduced the size of the acrylic coverage on the palate and in the tongue region so that you can feel and taste your food better.
Implant Improvement #3: Enjoy A More Youthful Appearance Than With Traditional Dentures
Tooth loss leads to bone loss. Implants prevent facial collapse and bone atrophy to help you preserve your facial features and enjoy a more invigorated lifestyle.

Without teeth, the jawbone loses density and volume that can rarely be regained predictably. Years of bone loss can lead to facial collapse causing a change in a measurement we call Vertical Dimension, which is the specific distance between the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin.

Without implants this distance shrinks over time causing a sunken-in face that can give a prematurely aged look. Often times when we provide implant care our patients will come back to us and say they get asked if they've had cosmetic surgery because of the change to a more youthful appearance.

We historically used Botox and Juviderm to get this same "facelift effect" but in order to see results you would have to re-do the fillers once or twice a year. With implants this effect is built into the prosthetic so it is permanent.
The Advantages of Getting Your Dentures Here At 
Orlando Lifestyle Dentistry...
We have developed a number of improvements to raise the bar on the quality of your denture experience here at Orlando Lifestyle Dentistry. See how our Lifestyle Implant Dentures Compare to traditional implant denture methods:
Time Saving Technology & Techniques
Traditional implant-denture processes are often time consuming and inconvenient. Because of this it can often require long healing periods and multiple surgeries to get your final prosthetic leaving you to deal with an ill-fitting un-esthetic temporary prosthetic for over a year. Our streamlined surgical techniques & advanced implant designs allow your implants to be placed on the day you have your teeth removed saving you months of lead times in getting your final prosthetic. We also utilize the latest implant-to-denture locator R-Tx attachments that allow for comfortable denture retention and easy removal for proper homecare.
Tremendously Strong & Beautiful Final Prosthetic
Traditional implant-dentures are made of acrylic teeth and an acrylic denture-base which are not specifically designed to be used in combination with implants. These traditional acrylics are also very weak and stain easily typically leading to a dull-looking un-esthetic smile through normal use in just a matter of weeks or months. Our Lifestyle Implant Dentures are made of the highest quality beautiful nanocomposite denture teeth and include reinforced substructure making them both beautiful and highly-durable. Kristi Lind, a patient-advocate, popular YouTube vlogger, and user of Ivoclar Phonares II Denture Teeth, has helped thousands of people with their transition to dentures and loves her new Phonares II teeth.  Hear her speak about them on her YouTube Channel: Kalinjax and visit her website at for more info.
-Kristi Lind, YouTube blogger, former denture wearer, and consumer advocate. Photo courtesy of 
A Secure Investment In Your Future
We believe that an investment in your health and self-confidence is one of the best investments you can make. We've made it easy for you to love your investment by building in features to your new smile that increase its value. When we designed our quality dental implant packages we included a 5 year craftmanship warranty. Rest assured that any repairs or replacement for your new teeth are covered for 5 years. This is just another way we've found to add security to your investment in your smile. We do this because we love to see you smile and we know that as you get lots of complements on your new smile, it will give you the opportunity to share us with people that you know who could use our services if the need arises.
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Finally... Care the way it should be!
The Entire Implant Denture Process Under One Roof
Unlike traditional dental offices, we offer every step of the dental implant tooth replacement process in our office, 
under one roof with no more costly & time consuming referrals or confusing communications in appointment coordinating.
Consultation & Planning
Implant Placement
Implant Restoration
Maintenance Care
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Complementary Consultation & X-ray:
D9310 Consultation, D0330 Digital Panoramic Radiograph

Life's too short to not enjoy it, call us now to schedule a no obligation complementary x-ray and exam. You can discuss your treatment options with the doctor and if the care we suggest makes sense to you and you feel like you want us to help you fix your problem, we can get started right away. Normally we would charge $195 for an appointment like this because it is a substantial amount of work on our behalf but we're happy to do it because more often than not we're able to provide quality care for a fair price which makes it a win for you and a win for us. This is an offer regularly valued at $195 and is subject to change. Call us today to schedule your appointment! 407-54-SMILE.

Usually valued at $195. Special limited time offer subject to change.
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