Dental Implants
The best way to replace missing or damaged teeth...
The Advantages of Getting Your Dental Implants Here At 
Orlando Lifestyle Dentistry...
We have developed a number of improvements to raise the bar on the quality of your implant experience here at Orlando Lifestyle Implant Dentistry. See how our Quality Dental Implants Compare to traditional implant methods:
The entire process under one roof...
Our patients get to enjoy the latest and greatest surgical and restorative techniques that help them save money, save frustration, and save time. While most providers require visits to multiple doctors at different facilities, we provide the entire implant procedure here in our office under one roof by one doctor. Other offices require multiple surgeries that can take up to a year for you to get your new tooth. Here we utilize the latest dental implant technology and stem-cell bone grafting materials that save you from having multiple grafting surgeries and gets you a new tooth in a fraction of the time it might take at traditional practices that use earlier generations of implants.
Tremendously Strong & Beautiful Materials...
Our Quality Dental Implant Crowns are made of 100% Pure Bruxzir Quality Zirconia, which is 300% stronger than traditional porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns used to make implant teeth. Bruxzir Zirconia is more stain resistant, better feeling, kinder to gum tissue, and longer lasting than traditional crowns that feature layered porcelain over metal. Even better, we offer layered porcelain for front teeth giving you even more vibrant & natural looking teeth. All of these features give you a final restoration that is better feeling than traditional restoration materials used to make implant implant teeth. Bruxzir is also the only material that can withstand the sledgehammer test... Check out this amazing video to see how strong this material actually is!
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Monthly Payments start at $199 per tooth replacement based off financing through CareCredit financing company, GreenSky finance, or Lending Club. Limited Time Financing Special.
See how implants can help you replace 
your missing or badly damaged teeth...
(Our Real-Life Patients & Their New Teeth)
How implants compare to traditional 
tooth replacement methods...
A Secure Investment In Your Future
We believe that an investment in your health and self-confidence is one of the best investments you can make. You can drive a beautiful car, you can live in your dream home, or you can travel the world but none of that matters if you don't have your health and the self confidence to enjoy it all with. We've made it easy for you to love this investment in yourself by building in features to your new smile that increase its value. When we designed our quality dental implant packages we included a 5 year craftmanship warranty. Rest assured that any repairs or replacement for your new tooth are covered for 5 years. This is just another way we've found to add security to your investment in your smile. We do this because we love to see you smile and we know that as you get lots of complements on your new smile, it will give you the opportunity to share us with people that you know who could use our services if the need arises.
Missing Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants, Emergency Dentistry, Toothache, Tooth Pain
The Entire Dental Implant Process Under One Roof
Finally... Implant Care the way it should be!
Unlike traditional dental offices, we offer every step of the dental implant tooth replacement process in our office, 
under one roof with no more costly & time consuming referrals or confusing communications in appointment coordinating.
Consultation & Planning
Implant Placement
Implant Restoration
Maintenance Care
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Life's too short to not enjoy it, call us now to schedule a no obligation complementary x-ray and exam. You can discuss your treatment options with the doctor and if the care we suggest makes sense to you and you feel like you want us to help you fix your problem, we can get started right away. Normally we would charge $195 for an appointment like this because it is a substantial amount of work on our behalf but we're happy to do it because more often than not we're able to provide quality care for a fair price which makes it a win for you and a win for us. This is an offer regularly valued at $195 and is subject to change. Call us today to schedule your appointment! 407-54-SMILE.
Usually valued at $195. Special limited time offer subject to change. Promotion Code WEBC&X0000.
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